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Peaceful march celebrating Independence Day

09.09.2021 09:30, Dushanbe city
Иштирок дар роҳпаймоии осоиштаи ҷашнӣ ба ифтихори солгарди 30-солагии Истиқлолияти давлатии Ҷумҳурии Тоҷикистон   09.09.2021

The Founder of Peace and National Unity, Leader of the Nation, President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon and the Speaker of the National Assembly, Chairman of Dushanbe Rustam Emomali attended a peaceful march celebrating Independence Day, which took place in Dushanbe's central square.

Speaking before the gathering, President Rahmon congratulated Tajiks and all the glorious people of Tajikistan on the 30th anniversary of independence and freedom of our beloved Motherland.

He emphasized that although 30 years is not a long time in comparison with thousands of years of history of the Tajik people and its statehood traditions, the destiny of our people this period is a serious testing of history and sensitive years of protection of our existence, peace and stability and building of the Tajik national statehood.

He stressed that this period with all the achievements and progress of our national state, which we have achieved through the faithful work of the glorious people of the country, is truly worth hundreds of years. Each year of our state independence is equal to decades in terms of historical responsibility and in terms of the problems that have befallen our people.

“Our greatest achievement during state independence is peace, political stability and national unity, which we have achieved with great vigor and hard work,” said Rahmon.

He also added that human debt and civic duty of each of us is to cherish and protect it.

More than 30,000 employees of various professions, students and pupils of educational institutions took part in the march.

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