President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Statement on the occasion of Navruz celebration

21.03.2017 19:11, Dushanbe city

Distinguished Compatriots,
Esteemed Residents of Dushanbe!

In such a glorious moments, when Nawruz holiday arrived in our paradise country with a great joy, I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all people of our country and decent residents of our capital city – Dushanbe and all of you, distinguished participants, on the occasion of this magnificent holiday, which is one of the symbols of national identity and moral independence of Tajik people.

Nawruz has close linkages to the land, borders and spirit of our ancestors - founders of civilization from the ancient times and its traditions and customs have symbols, which have been an integral part of our human loving, tolerant and creative people from the ancient times to present.

In Nawruz period, the nature re-blossoms, people get new energy, their soul and thoughts get united, they make kindness, charity and present joy to each other.

Indeed, Nawruz is one of the most precious holidays of Tajik people and other peoples in Nawruz basin, which has unified peoples with supreme humane ideology like friendship and cooperation, creativeness and well-being promotion, human love and charity, as well as thankfulness to the nature’s beauty and richness.

Thus, Nawruz as the holiday of the birthday of Sun, which always grants light and heat to all of us, is the richness of all generations of Adam.

Nawruz particularly serves as an advocate of peace and stability, as well as cooperation and friendship for all peoples of the world in the growingly complicated and crisis situation in the current globe as the contemporary world is in more need for peace and stability, and a peaceful life free of violence than ever before.

Distinguished Participants!

The capital of our sovereign country – Dushanbe has a new celebratory outlook and its people have prepared well to celebrate this ancient Holiday at a high level.

Many development activities have been undertaken in Dushanbe city up to present on the occasion of this festivity. Indeed, one of Nawruz symbols is to clean houses, streets and avenues, planting new trees and sowing seeds of hope. In this regard, I would like to emphasize that we still need to make more efforts to ensure further flourishment of our capital city so that it really deserves this title in our sovereign State.

For this, first and foremost, every resident of the city need to make efforts to contribute for the well-being of the city and maintain their place of living, as well as jobplace and learning space clean and neat. This is the patriotic and civil duty of every resident of the capital city and human liability of every individual in our society.

We have a lot of possibilities to make our capital city more developed and beautiful. We need to avail this opportunity effectively and efficiently to turn our capital into a real center of Nawruz festivities. In addition to this, every family needs to attach a serious attention to the issues of properly raising their children, saving resources, respecting rules and regulations and ensuring rule of law. I would like to recall that the capital residents need to be of high-level of education, decent behavior and also serve as the exemplary for respecting public order i.e. respecting laws and regulations.

I believe that decent and educated residents of Dushanbe, by appreciating peace, full political stability and national unity, will make further efforts to ensure better development of the capital city so that it becomes a really developed capital of the sovereign State of Tajik people and prove that our people have decent traditions of urban planning, governance and residence from the ancient times. 

Dear Residents of our beloved capital city and distinguished Participants!

Let me once again extend my congratulations on the occasion of International Nawruz Holiday and wish you all continued health, well-being, grace and bless.

Happy Nawruz!

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