President of the Republic of Tajikistan

Press Statement following negotiations with the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi

18.09.2021 12:20, Dushanbe city

Distinguished representatives of mass media,

Ladies and gentlemen,

At the outset, I would like to welcome cordially the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, His Excellency Ebrahim Raisi, to Tajikistan.

I would also like to congratulate His Excellency on their election to the high post of President of the Islamic Republic of Iran and express my satisfaction with their first visit in this capacity in Tajikistan.

Today, in accordance with the program of the official visit, we had fruitful meetings and talks in a friendly atmosphere and mutual understanding.

During the talks we discussed the main issues of relations and cooperation between Tajikistan and Iran.

I am confident that the new package of cooperation documents we signed today will ensure a more favorable ground for further strengthening relations between our countries.

 It was stressed that our people share common and long-rooted historical, spiritual and cultural values.

We expressed confidence that these commonalities serve as a favorable ground for the further development of friendly relations and mutually beneficial cooperation between our states.

We expressed our commitment towards strengthening of constructive political dialogue between our countries at various levels and their further expansion, which plays an important role in the process of building an environment of mutual understanding and trust.

We are keen to expand trade and economic cooperation and stressed the need for greater efforts of line institutions to increase bilateral trade.

In order to achieve these goals, we proposed to develop and sign a long-term program of trade and economic cooperation between Tajikistan and Iran to 2030.

At the same time, we acknowledged the important role of the Joint Commission for Trade, Economic, Technical and Cultural Cooperation in the process of strengthening economic and trade ties.

At the same time, we agreed that it is reasonable to intensify business contacts between the two countries in the areas of trade and investment.

It was noted that the development of infrastructure and the connection of transport networks are important for the expansion of trade and economic cooperation, the growth of trade and human contacts.

Our country expressed its support for the continuation of measures to improve the existing transport conditions and the construction of roads, railways and their connection with the seaports of Iran.

In this context, we expressed our interest in strengthening cooperation between the relevant agencies of our countries to use the potential of the ports of Chabahar and Bandar Abbas of the Islamic Republic of Iran for the transportation of goods.

 We acknowledged it natural to expand cultural and scientific cooperation between Tajikistan and Iran.

In this context, we considered it necessary to form a legal framework for the development of tourism.

We also agreed that it is necessary to take the necessary measures to improve direct and regular flights and the travel system between our countries.

Given the current sensitive situation, we stressed the importance of cooperation in the field of security.

The concerning situation in neighboring Afghanistan was in the center of our attention as well.

We are in favor of the establishment of comprehensive peace and stability in that country as soon as possible, which is an important factor in ensuring security in the region.

Our country has expressed its readiness to facilitate this process.

 At the same time, we consider the establishment of an inclusive government taking into account the interests of all socio-ethnic groups living in Afghanistan as a key factor in the establishment of lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan.

It should be noted that in yesterday's talks with the Pakistani side, we stressed that Tajiks and other ethnic groups should take their deserved seats in the inclusive government.

Accordingly, we are of firm belief that peace and stability in Afghanistan can be ensured only in this way.

Also, we acknowledged the immediate elimination of conflict and tension in the Panjshir region by declaring a ceasefire and opening roads to provide humanitarian assistance to the people of this region as one of the most important tasks today.

In this context, we agreed to mobilize all our efforts to achieve these goals and to facilitate negotiations between the Tajiks and the Taliban in Dushanbe.

We believe that the United Nations should play a key role in advancing this process.

It is necessary to respect the interests of all nations living in Afghanistan, the opinion of all the people of the country, respect and acknowledge the rights of citizens within the framework of internationally accepted standards.

We are of view that such an approach can significantly contribute to the restoration of peace and stability in Afghanistan.

We, Tajikistan and Iran, as neighbors sharing common language and culture, are greater interested in the security of Afghanistan than others are.

I would like to emphasize once again that the escalation of violence and conflict in Afghanistan at the scale of the 90s of the last century could lead to a humanitarian catastrophe in this country and worsen the lives of its people, as well as make the country to continue remaining as a center of international terrorism.

Instability in Afghanistan seriously undermines security and stability in the region and the world.

Distinguished participants,

We expressed satisfaction over the state and process of cooperation between Tajikistan and Iran in the framework of international and regional organizations.

Our country welcomed the beginning of the process of accession of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

We expressed confidence that our countries’ cooperation in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization will contribute to exploring new ways to strengthen constructive cooperation.

In view of the agreements reached today, we consider the visit of Mr. President to be the beginning of a new phase in relations between the two friendly countries.

Now, I would like to give the floor to our distinguished guest, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, His Excellency Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi.


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