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Opening of a new building of preschool education institution "Navruzi Istiqlol" in the city of Khujand

11.04.2024 11:50, Khujand city
Ифтитоҳи бинои нави муассисаи таҳсилоти томактабии “Наврӯзи Истиқлол” дар шаҳри Хуҷанд 11.04.2024

On April 11, the Founder of Peace and National Unity – Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, during his working trip to Sughd Province, put in commission the preschool education institution "Navruzi Istiqlol" in the city of Khujand.

The modern pre-school institution in the center of Sughd Province was built in one year with a beautiful and modern design by the State Communal Enterprise "Main Construction Department" of the city of Khujand on the basis of the instructions and guidance of the Honorable Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon.

The kindergarten consists of a three-story building, where the teaching and learning process takes place in 3 languages - Tajik, Russian and English.

Construction work on educational facilities started in 2023 and was completed at a high level. During the construction period, more than 40 local specialists were provided with temporary jobs and good salaries.

480 children in 16 groups and 360 children in the main building of the institution, a total of 840 children will be educated in the newly built additional building of the "Navruzi Istiqlol" kindergarten.

Currently, 32 experienced teachers and tutors work with children, and their number will be increased in the future.

In the kindergarten, there are separate rooms for children to sleep and relax along each activity class.

The institution's canteen is connected to the main building, and it is intended for more than 480 children at a time.

There is also a Museum in the main building of the institution, which is designed to store photos of the Honorable Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon and other historical photographs and items.

In Kindergarten 1 movie theater with 210 seats was built, equipped with a modern design and equipment. Here, the great Leader of the Nation, Emomali Rahmon, had a sincere conversation with the children of the kindergarten.

Availability of work rooms, laundry room, warehouse for product storage and medical room are among other facilities of the kindergarten.

Honorable Head of State Emomali Rahmon visited the children's training rooms and places of sleep and rest, and gave useful instructions and advice to the officials of the kindergarten for the proper upbringing of children.

The total area of the kindergarten includes 5 thousand 800 square meters, of which 1476 square meters is the land under the building.

The classrooms are decorated with slogans and banners expressing love and sincerity towards the country and fictional heroes, which are characteristic of the children's world.

On this day, there was no limit to the joy of children, because the beloved Leader of the Nation presented them with festive gifts, which consisted of various sweets and toys.

The great and constant attention of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, to the upbringing and education of children and adolescents led to the construction and commissioning of hundreds of new kindergartens in all corners of the country.

More than 46 people got permanent jobs in this preschool.

Covering a wide range of children to preschool education made it possible for the younger generation to grow up in a high spirit of patriotism and self-awareness.

There are 16 verandas, a fountain and 1 swimming pool in the yard of the "Navruzi Istiqlol" preschool educational institution, which is favorable for children's health and activities.

Also, new and modern equipment has been installed for playing and entertainment of children, which is used efficiently.

During the introduction to the Honorable Head of State, Emomali Rahmon, the facilities of the rooms were presented, and he was informed that in order to provide decent conditions for the education and training of children, all the classrooms are equipped with the most modern equipment and visual aids.

Currently, there are 47 preschool educational institutions operating in Khujand, where more than 10,700 children are educated.

The teachers and coaches considered this kindergarten as the best gift in honor of the great national holiday - 35th anniversary of state independence of the Republic of Tajikistan, and promised to use such conditions to raise children in the spirit of patriotism, to pay tribute to the rich history of the Tajik nation, to protect the achievements of the independence era and to contribute to the development of the country.

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