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Participation in the cultural and historical event "Qalai Khujand"

11.04.2024 21:30, Khujand city
Иштирок дар чорабинии фарҳангиву таърихии “Қалъаи Хуҷанд” 11.04.2024

On April 11, the Founder of Peace and National Unity - Leader of the Nation, President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, participated and spoke in the cultural event at the cultural and historical complex " Qalai Khujand".

Head of State Emomali Rahmon once again sincerely congratulated the proud people of Tajikistan and the honorable residents of Sughd Province in honor of the sacred holiday of our ancestors – Navruz, Eid al-Fitr and the opening of the historical and cultural monument "Qalai Khujand" after reconstruction, which is a worthy Navruzi gift to the noble people of Tajikistan and guests of our country.

The Leader of the Nation emphasized that, according to historical sources, the civilization-creating Tajik nation has more than six thousand years of history in matters of architecture and development, urban planning and governance, and has played a tireless role in the history of civilization and human culture.

It was stressed that independence and freedom created an opportunity for us to take worthy steps to revive and present the colorful history of our ancient nation, to continue the good traditions of our ancestors, and to prove to the people that we are a civilization-building and cultured nation, urbanized and city-builders, prolific, knowledgeable and creative, which we are still today.

The President of the country stated that the Government is constantly paying attention to the issue of reviving, protecting, preserving and promoting the historical and cultural heritage.

During the period of independence, more than 100 historical and cultural monuments were restored and tens of international level events were held in our country. Among them are the reconstruction of the Qalai Mugh, the town of Sarazm, the museum of ancient Panjakent, the museum of Academician Bobojon Ghafurov, the celebration of the famous Tajik poet Kamol Khujandi and dozens of other actions and events in the Sughd Province.

"Tajikistan was accepted as a member of UNESCO in 1993 - one of the most influential structures of the United Nations on issues of education, science and culture.

From then, we made a lot of efforts to present the historical and cultural sites of the Tajik nation," the Head of State emphasized.

Honorable President of the country Emomali Rahmon emphasized that the reconstruction of the cultural and historical complex "Qalai Khujand", which was opened today, is a continuation of the cultural initiatives of the Government of the country.

Today, there are more than three thousand historical monuments in our country, each of which attracts the attention of famous domestic and foreign scientists, tourists and visitors. In this process, putting into use the cultural and historical complex "Qalai Khujand" is one of the most important cultural events of our country at the beginning of the new ancestral year.

In connection with the current state of the international community, the Heads of State stated that we should work as much as possible, work hard, build, make our homeland more prosperous, increase production, build workshops and production enterprises, provide jobs for our compatriots, and reduce labor migration waves as much as possible.

In his speech, Leader of the Nation, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, confidently stated that the hardworking people of Sughd Province, as always, will cope with these tasks well and with pride.

After the meaningful speech of the President of the Republic of Tajikistan, Honorable Emomali Rahmon, the cultural event began.

The cultural event was held in the spacious courtyard of the "Qalai Khujand" cultural and historical complex, in which more than 6 thousand people participated, representatives of the executive bodies of state power, members of the public, scientists, writers, historians, activists, veterans and residents of various professions.

A cultural, theatrical program on the role and achievements of the founder of the Samanid state - Ismoil Somoni, recitation of poems, admonitions, speeches of great men of science and literature on the history of the people and nation, great glory, happiness, humanity and glorification of exemplary deeds of the children of the nation from the work of Abuabdullo Rudaki, Abulqosim Firdavsi, Abu Mahmud Khujandi, Mirsaid Ali Hamadoni, Kamoli Khujandi, Bobojon Ghafurov, Sadriddin Aini, Mirzo Tursunzoda and excerpts from the speeches of the Honorable Leader of the Nation Emomali Rahmon were presented to the audience of the event.

The cultural program consisted of 18 parts in total, in which, with the use of musical instruments, the heart-warming song "Savti Munojot" with the dance of the beautiful girls of the ensembles "Chamanoro", "Mahasti", "Falak", the dance group of the State Theater of Musical Comedy named after Kamoli Khujandi, the songs "Shahnavozi Rudaki", "Vatan", "Tajikistan is the land of waters", "I came to connect", "Happy new year", "Fortress of dignity", "We have a country", "Welcome", "Desires of my heart" , "Somoniyam", "Eternity of the Nation", "Reviver of the Nation", etc., each of which reflected the unique national concepts and meanings, glorification of the Motherland, rich history and prosperity of the Tajik people, was presented to the audience.

During the performance of the songs, the dancers of the ensembles "Zebo" and "Parniyon", "Mahasti", ensemble named after "Ghaffor Valamatzoda", "Gulnoz", "Sadbarg" danced and performed.

In today's cultural event, more than 2000 artists from the culture sector of cities and districts, dance ensembles participated and performed, adding more splendor and meaning to the event.

Revival and restoration of Qalai Khujand with a special form and style of architecture and national ancient origin, meaningful speech and guidance of everyone to protect national culture and values, promote it to the world, preserve the good memory of ancestors, educate the young generation in such a good spirit and hold cultural events, is a logical continuation of the cultural policy of the Head of State.

The holding of the cultural event, the pride of the residents of the cities and districts of Sughd Province and the entire people of Tajikistan testified to the growing interest in national and historical values, the complete peace and stability of the country, and the atmosphere of unity and tranquility in the country.

In the end, President Emomali Rahmon thanked the developers and artists for organizing the cultural event at a very high level.

The magnificent program of the cultural event in the Cultural and Historical Complex "Qalai Khujand" ended with colorful fireworks.

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